Type Data Center Services on 20 Gigabits redundant Bandwidth
High end servers utilizing Intel Quad Core Xeon Processors and i7 Intel quad core 8 logical processor servers connected with fiber optic network cards means high performance for any type of website.

Cpanel running on 64 bit systems delivers the best in Cpanel features. Word Press, Joomla, Magento and other popular software run like lightning on these systems.

Web Design and Development
ASPX and MSSQL on Windows Server, PHP and Mysql on Linux Server

Web Hosting
Business Website - 24.95 a month.
E-commerce site with dedicated ip and ssl certificate..49.95 a month.
Personal website blog, 9.95 a month.

Video Hosting
Flash video streaming using the latest Flash Video Server starting at 29.95 a month.
Windows Media video streaming using the latest Windows Video Server starting at 29.95 a month. Bandwidth charges are applied on a monthly average. Check out Africam.com, live 24x7 cameras streaming from Africa.

Video Conference Server
Dedicated - 500.00 a month.
Shared - 100.00 a month Conference supports sharing of slides (PDF and PPT), video, whiteboard, chat, voice and desktops. Runs on Mac, Unix, and PC computers. Powerful Xeon servers with 1 gigabit fiber optic connection.

Server Collocation Dedicated web server - 200.00 a month.
Dedicated Video server - 250.00 a month plus the average bandwidth for the month. For example, if your video server averages 100 megabits for the month, the bandwidth charges would be 1250.00.

Full Rack including (1) 110 power circuit 840.00 a month.your paragraph here.







ProSelect Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Player's Network, Inc. - in effort to consult and co-manage as it's marketing agency of specialized media products in Nevada.

Player's Network, Inc. (PNTV) is a fully reporting publicly traded diversified holding company who operates in two main areas; Media and Medical Marijuana.

PNTV was initially established to develop a lifestyle channel around the gaming industry. As the company grew PNTV developed a multi-channel platform and significantly increased distribution. During the transition to a media, technology and entertainment company, PNTV produces and distributes programming on multiple cable and satellite “Video On Demand” (VOD) platforms to approximately 104,000,000 homes which 27,000,000 cable, satellite and IPTV homes on Comcast and 82,000,000 over Hulu.


NextGenTV is the new propriety enterprise platform which allows PNTV to provide brands, businesses, celebrities and professionals with the tools to launch their own network. NextGenTV’s scalability enables PNTV to create 100’s of niche channel destinations (networks) that can be viewed worldwide on any media device (smart TV, computer, tablet or mobile device).

Rising American DJ and producer, Steve Castro took L.A. the City of Angels by storm with After Hour Power,which started at The Palace and now is called Avalon.The crowning success of his now 14 year career that has become the leading after hours brand on the west coast and well renowned throughout the world. AHP has taken great pride in presenting the best house DJ’s from Spain to grace the terrace and was crowned by the Spanish Prestige Club Awards in ’02 the Best International After Hours Club. Passion for dance music runs deep. Residencies include:
Avalon Hollywood
Marquee Las Vegas
Playboy Mansion

Monitoring and Support 
We pride ourselves on technical excellence. Our entire network is monitored 24x7. We know instantly if anything has gone awry. With us, you can actually reach a support person 24x7 anytime day or night. And we mean reach! No waiting on the phone for hours.

From Fiber optic to smart antennas. 
Our network is super fast because our antenna routers are connected directly to our fiber optic network. This brings the end user extremely low latency high speed service. The antennas operate with their own intelligence, picking the frequency of least interference.


Imagine an innovative toolset that empowers anyone to sell their online content, products and services in a faster, easier and more affordable way. The way to manage, sell and help protect your online content, products and services has evolved. Are you new to selling online?

You can easily access PayWall by copying and pasting a single line of text into your product (call-to-action) page. If you don’t have a website, the PayWall Marketplace is a great place to quickly start posting and selling your content, products or services. What is PayWall Marketplace?

Think of PayWall Marketplace as an Internet community. It’s an ideal place to post, sell and market your online content, products and services with ease. Plus, you can link the PayWall Marketplace to your website for added marketing benefits and to increase traffic.



Proselect has partnered with Weed TV, Weed TV provides a wide variety of editorial content, videos and entertainment including lead stories, political news, business news on the industry, financial analysis from industry experts, growing tips, cooking tips, a “Weed101” section, medical uses, lifestyle features, entertainment specials and a Web Shop with the latest in Marijuana products and services.

AIE Unlimited Export, Trade & Finance 

Transacting on Domestic & International Trade, Finance, US Import/Export Products & Services


PROSELECT Inc. a Las Vegas NV, company proudly announces “ABA SPORTS AGENCY” dba ASA a Nevada Limited Liability Company, by way of partnership with a global owned and operated company, AIE Unlimited Corp and NBA Sports Agent, Kimberly Davis of DMS.  Led by NBA Sports Agent "Extraordinaire" Kimberly Davis, the ABA Sports Agency and their capital partners shall work directly with Michale Watson President of the American Basketball Association hereafter the “ABA” to represent their interest in South East Asia and China.     Michale Watson the president of the American Basketball Association states “he is excited to work side by side with the “ABA Sports Agency” to fulfill our agreement with our China partners that will allow us to send professional basketball players and coaches to China to play the game they love.”  James Shiau of AIE Unlimited states, “We are excited at the opportunity of enriching nations both domestically and abroad with top level athletes, entertainment, and world class services for many years to come”.  Peter Van Brunt J.D., President of ProSelect Inc. said, “We are very excited to provide world class services to South East Asia and China.”  Lance Davis, SVP of Business Development at ProSelect Inc. said, “it’s a proud day for us all, sports & entertainment is what we do best and we want to continue sharing it with the world!”

Produced by Greg Lites,

The Music Industry has been on a ten year hiatus with regards to providing Los Angeles nightlife with some of your favorite R&B artists performing live with a band in an intimate atmosphere. The void has been equally missing for aspiring, talented singers to showcase their abilities to an audience packed with executives, producers, writers, and Hollywood's biggest movers & shakers.






Transitional Capital Management, ProSelect Funding LLC - Gate Advance Payment

July 2018 PROSELECT Inc. & ASA proudly announces by way of partnership with Transitional Capital Management "TCM" a Laguna Beach, Ca based company subsidiary ProSelect Funding LLC, together introduce Gate Advance Payment finance program.  The program shall be launched by ProSelect Funding LLC with daily operations managed by Lance Davis and executive operations overseen by Stefanie Shelly,  and Chaired by Stuart Shelly a 30 plus year specialty finance banker and private equity investment professional. TCM has sponsored a series of discrete specialty finance platforms in conjunction with its joint venture partners, to facilitate specific lending, or investment programs.  

GAP finance is the innovative product solution that allows Live Music, TV / Film and Live Sporting event producers secure A-list Talent & Venue's for their entertainment projects without allocating monies from their general budget.


Founder Mr. Jory Staton. Musician Stream was launched in its beta testing format 3/ 30/2013.
Musician Stream is a "niche" Internet website designed to bring "a joyful noise" into the hearts and homes of all its users.
Through its uniquely designed business model Musician Stream is a collaboration of the best of the best in live audio video streaming, audio/vdeo recording and advertising all rolled into one easy to enjoy environment.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide musicians with the opportunity to bring their talents to the world "live" using the latest and greatest in internet technologies. Musician Stream.com believes that true talent should be unleashed and not harnessed. That everyone regardless of race, creed or social status should have the chance to showcase themselves to the world while simultaneously providing both local and global advertisers/sponsors with a cost effective yet comprehensive means of reaching their demographic marketplace.

Feel the Vibe
Music expresses that which cannot be seen. It brings back memories of old and provides new vibrations for today. With silence being it's canvas and musicians being its artists. We all hear a song and it reminds us of a place in time, that special person, where we were and what we were doing. It causes us all to tap a foot or snap a finger and can easily change our emotional state. It is one of the fundamentals of life. Welcome to MusicianStream.com.

PayWall gives your customers the ability to pay for only the content they want. Security is key to safely selling online. That’s why PayWall adds a wall of security and digital rights management tools. For added peace of mind, PayWall also erases sensitive customer data immediately following a successful transaction. If you have a product to sell, you can sell it with PayWall. Whether you’re a mechanic offering repair tutorials, an aspiring musician selling individual songs, an established company selling products and services or a remote indigenous artisan debuting jewelry for the world, PayWall can help you sell with ease.
PayWall gives customers a faster, no nonsense path to completing a transaction, which can lead to less abandonment, higher conversion rates and greater profits.

Enjoy profits without making a sale. PayWall’s fully customizable canvas offers a place for advertising and sponsor opportunities. So even if you don’t make a sale, you can still earn extra revenue. Put your phone or tablet to work. Whether you’re using 10 PayWalls or 1,000, our innovative app let’s you manage everything on the go with ease.

Imagine this entertainment in a dinner/show setting headlined by a major RnB artist (past headliners: Stevie Wonder, Faith Evans, the DeBarge family, Kelly Price, Tank, Tyrese, Brandy, Eric Benet, etc.), comedian extraordinaire Red Grant as the evening's Master of Ceremonies, and none other than DeeJay ER & DJ MARK DA SPOT taking over the After Party spinning the best of today's hits.

RnB Live Hollywood has welcomed celebrity guests & performers, up 'n coming talent, and a showcase of artists creating the perfect vibe for *RnB Live Hollywood*.

Alliance Partners


entertainment seen by billions

Stuart & Stefanie Shelly


Our partners in technology and service.
Core Network Our 10Gbe fiber optic network is powered by Cisco layer 3 routers with redundant power supplies, management boards, battery backup and generator back up. Behind that, we have other layer 3 routers in different locations as backup. Why? Our job is to keep the internet connected for your use. Whether business or residential you don't want to hear the network is down. Either do we, too many people depend on us to deliver an excellent product. From Fiber optic to smart antennas. Our network is super fast because our antenna routers are connected directly to our fiber optic network. This brings the end user extremely low latency high speed service. The antennas operate with their own intelligence, picking the frequency of least interference.

Self-taught the art of mixing it was no coincidence that Steve devoted his time and efforts into producing music and djing and in no time started headlining in clubs throughout L.A, Las Vegas, Denver, San Francisco and abroad in Amsterdam, Amnesia (Ibiza) and Tokyo. His most notable releases to date: “Hoof” “Shockwave” “Tornado”“4PLAY” Nervo “your gonna love again” produced with ZROQ, Pitbull “don’t stop theparty”, U2 “NewYears Day”, Bruno Mars vs Gotye Mashup “Locked Out of Somebody” Lady Gaga “judas da backstabber”, G36 & Bass Drop.

His style is progressive house with an enormous bound of continuous pumping kick and bass with a lot of vocals and twisted effects. From groovy house to Electro, nothings ever set or the same when he’s on the decks, the beats are always freshly delivered and always a crowd favorite. 2014 will surely see him continue his trend of traveling around the globe and bringing his music close to you, as well as surprising people with more top quality remixes and original material.

WiFi Super fast speeds and super fast tech support!

If we can see you, you can see us. 700 meg connection available now!

With our Alliance Partners we can offer High Speed Internet like no one else. Typical business speeds are geared on old technologies.

For example, a T1 offers 1.3 megs up and down and is still pricey for what you get. ATT offers 6 megs down and 768kbps upload..

We offer High Speed of your choice all the way up to 100 megs up and down or now we have Access Points delivering Dual band(2.4 and 5. Ghz) with throughput of 750megabits a second. Data backups to remote locations, large file uploads, video conferences and online applications go zoom with our speeds. No more waiting around! Our Wifi antennas are connected directly to our fiber optic backbone and are capable of delivering up to 700 megs to your location. This is real speed like you are inside our data center.

Our model is simple. We provide the equipment, manage the service on an on-going basis and provide your customers with state of the art high availability Wireless Internet access within your property. Each building is unique and we perform and tailor our service offering to match our client's goals for delivering Internet access and inter-building communications for their realty assets. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop cost effective service offerings that meet their needs.

Hi Speed Wifi connectivity opens the doorway to business smart applications. Hotels, Apartments and Office Buildings can bring in much higher levels of bandwidth for a tremendous savings over the conventional and antiquated methods in place throughout Greater Los Angeles.

Cost effective solutions

Bandwidth for VOIP phone systems, Video on demand, Security Systems, Video Conferences and web 2.0 technologies are in very high demand. The new N technologies present Wifi capable antennas that broadcast at 150 megabits per second. This compared to T1 1.5 megabits a second, T3 45 megabits a second and dsl standards of 768kbps upload with downloads ranging from 3 megabits to 6 megabits a second. Multiple Antennas will increase throughput to 300 megabits a second and above depending how many antennas are put in place.If you are looking for a better and cost effective solution for your internet connectivity and fast tech support you have come to the right place.